Court Date: 01/15/2018 Case No: 11-00117
Time: 0900- Case Type: LC & Register
Court Type: Land Court Judge: Rose Mary Skebong
Location: Koror Judge2:
Court Room: 102/OFF Judge3:
Parties: ESUROI CLAN, rep. by: Moses Azuma,KESOL CLAN, rep. by: Taro Ngiraingas,KESOL CLAN, rep. by: Henry Arbedul,MATCHIAU MASTER,ESUROI CLAN, rep. by: Gabriel Renguul,ESTATE OF MATCHIAU EBERDONG, rep. by: Elchesel Matchiau,ESUROI CLAN, rep. by: Ingereklii Emiliano,MATCHIAU, rep. by: Rosania Master,KOLUAL RIVERA, rep. by: Mary Thing,AIRAI STATE PUBLIC LANDS AUTHORITY
Other Info: In the matter of the ownership of 17 lots located in Ked/Ordomel Hamlet, Airai State
Plaintiff Attorney: Singeo, Senior Defendant Attorney: Carlos
Case Memo: