Marshals Division
The Marshals Division was created in 1998 through legislation codified at 4 PNC ยง 502. The Marshals are responsible for serving court papers, including jury summons, executing bench warrants, acting as bailiffs, and providing security for all of the courts. The Marshals are also authorized to make court-ordered arrests.

Johnny Sokau
Chief Marshal
Keith Ngirchomlei
Marshal Sergeant
Flavin Rubasch
Marshal III
Bailey Eberdong
Marshal II
Raldston Ngirengkoi
Marshal II
Neil Ringang
Marshal II
Caine Tmekei
Marshal II
William Andrew
Marshal I
Irachel Malsol
Marshal I
Uong Junior Ngirarorou
Marshal I
Taina Yano
Clerical Marshal
Tarkong E Beches
Marshal I
Josh Ngiraswei
Marshal I
Palau Supreme Court Marshal Division P.O.Box 248 Koror, Palau 96940
Phone: (680) 488-4979/331
Fax: (680) 488-1597
Ngerulmud office: 767-2482